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I decided to recreate the cover of the book Go Ask Alice. The original cover was very dark and murky.  This relates to the book because the book follows the self-discovery of a teenage girl named Alice and revolves around drug abuse and depression.  My idea for the cover was different.  Go Ask Alice is written as a journal of Alice’s thoughts.  The idea I had was to make the cover look like a composition book.  I found a textured fill on Photoshop that gave the look of a composition book background.  I also used the rectangle tool with rounded edges to mimic the look of the text box on the front cover of most composition books.  I filled this in with the title and author of the book in the font Chalkboard, because I felt that it best resembled a person’s handwriting.  After this, I placed a jpg of a barcode in the corner.  I also found some psychedelic stickers online and placed them on the book cover to help personalize the journal.  To me, these stickers look as if Alice herself stuck them to her composition book to decorate it. Overall, I am happy with the outcome of this book cover.


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